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Biochem Drain Maintenance cointains a combination of bacteria and enzymes that rapidly penetrate, digest & liquefy fats, oils, greases, cellulose, protein & starch.  The formula is completely pathogen free.


Biochem Drain Maintenance keeps slow or blocked drain systems and grease traps free of organic matter.  It also deodorizes floors and walls around camper toilets, pit toilets, outhouses, portable toilets and construction site toilets.  Biochem Drain Maintenance controls odours on carpets & rugs, is suitable for spraying onto rubbish dumps and applying to other areas where waste disposal & odour problems occur. It is ieptic tank friendly and enhances the digestion of waste matter within the septic tank, thus reducing the need for pump-outs. Biochem Drain Maintenance can also be used as a laundry pre-spotter.


• Eliminates malodours at their source
• Enhances BOD / COD removal
• Emulsifies and digests fats, oils and grease
• Increases system efficiency
• Environmentally friendly
• Changes biomass dynamics
• Keeps drain lines clear of fats, oils & grease
• Cost effective & easy to use


CHARACTERISTICS:Five selectively chosen Bacillus Strains

Bacteria count:53 million cfu’s/ml

Colour:White, opaque liquid

Effective pH range:5 – 10

Effective temp range:(5 – 50oC)

Shelf Life:24 months

Flash Point:Nil           



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