BioChem™ specialises in leading bio-science products that provide cutting edge solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic organic waste and water management. Our partnership with international, award-winning technology leaders enables us to offer the South African market the very latest bio-enzyme products.


Our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art fermentation facility that produces optimal concentrations of bio-active ingredients. Our key point of difference is that our formulations are more efficient and effective, have a longer shelf life and are developed for targeted applications rather than “fix all” formulations.


After years of research and several innovation awards, our formulations contain application-specific ingredients - meaning we do not take a shot-gun approach to solving your problem situation. BioChem™ products are specifically tailored and formulated to contain the bio-actives and enzymes necessary to deal with each unique application.  


This performance-driven approach has seen us become a leading supplier to Municipalities, Public Works, Industry, Commercial companies and the hospitality industry. From waste-water and septic tanks to drains, toilets and hard-surface cleaning products through to aquaculture, pools and ponds, we have a naturally superior product.

Our team of service consultants can provide expert advice for your problem area - from once-off assessments, right through to the ongoing management of your plant or facility.


Mankind has a greater responsibility than ever to our environment. Companies are expected and, in many cases, required to find safe and effective ways to clean and treat waste. Being completely natural, bio-active products are the obvious choice for organic waste degradation but many competitor products combine harmless bio-actives with harmful chemicals which defeats the purpose. Biochem’s optimised, application-specific bio-active strains are combined with highly effective, proprietary technology to provide unparalleled, documented results in each application. They are more effective than conventional chemical treatments in the medium / long term and are completely harmless to the environment. The future is here.


Biochem Technology